Types of Family Assistance

Overview of Family Assistance
Here is an overview of the various types of family assistance available to you.

  1. Family support tax credit
    Family support is the main part of family assistance. It is a payment made to low and middle income families for each dependent child 18 and under. The amount you receive depends on your income, how many children you have and how old they are.

  2. Child tax credit
    This is a payment for each of your dependent children 18 years old or younger if you do not receive any other government assistance.

  3. Family tax credit
    This is an extra payment for families who earn up to $21,658 a year. To claim this payment at least one parent must be working for salary or wages.

  4. Parental tax credit
    This is a payment for the first eight weeks after your baby is born. Apply within the first three months after your baby's birth date for weekly or fortnightly payments, or later for a lump sum.

  5. Paid parental leave
    Paid parental leave is an entitlement for eligible parents when they take parental leave from their job to care for their newborn or adopted child under six for up to 13 weeks.

1. Family Support Tax Credit

What is Family Support?

This is the first type of family assistance payment. All qualifying families receive family support regardless of where their income comes from.
The payment amount will depend on how much you earn, the number of children you have, their ages, and any shared custody arrangements.

Family support is paid either:

  • By Work and Income if your family receives an income-tested benefit, or
  • By Inland Revenue, if your main income is from work, or you receive an income-tested benefit plus other income , including your benefit.

Family support is different from child support, which a parent pays to the person who has custody of their child.

Who qualifies for family support?

To qualify for family support from 1 April 2006 to 31 March 2007, your income must be less than the maximum income levels aloowable for the tax year.

If you get New Zealand Superannuation

If you get New Zealand Superannuation and look after dependent children, you should apply to Inland Revenue for family support.