Unclaimed Money

What it is
Unclaimed money is funds left untouched for 6 years or more in financial institutions such as insurance companies and also includes unclaimed funds such as cheques or wages. The list was last updated in May 2004.

The List
There are a few hundred on the list set out in alphabetical order on the IRD web site.
Go to the site and check that you or your family or associates don’t have money sitting there that you should have claimed.

Click here to go to the IRD “Unclaimed Money” section list – Click here

Are you entitled?
People who believe they are entitled to unclaimed money are advised to forward their name, address, IRD number and proof of identity (such as a copy of a birth certificate, driver's licence or passport) and evidence that they have dealt with the person or organisation that paid the money in to:

  • Unclaimed Money
    Inland Revenue Department
    PO Box 895