How StartRunGrow Works


StartRunGrow is a commerce resource site providing help for business owners by making available information and solutions that they will need for their business operations. StartRunGrow is one of the Internet’s premier small business help destinations with thousands of pages of content, solutions and documents covering every aspect of starting, running and growing a successful business.

This huge N.Z developed resource with sister sites now in 11 countries was created to help stop business failure.

There exists a "very real need" to get “plain language” business information and solutions to the people so they can equip themselves to better run, manage and succeed in their business ventures. Making comprehensive information and tools available could hopefully reduce business failure and financial disasters that too often result in depleted fortunes, lost homes, smashed families, broken dreams and no hope.


  1. The SRG site is made up of the following 9 sections – Information, Solutions, Accountant, Advice, Directory, Education, Sell Business and Forum. All sections are explained below.

  2. INFORMATION – is split into 11 subsections each with a drop down menu. This section gives you FREE use of thousands of pages of business and finance information to help you in your business activities

  3. SOLUTIONS – This section provides you with access to literally thousands of tools, products, documents, agreements, and software to help run your operation more efficiently and profitably

  4. ACCOUNTANT – Every business needs a good accountant. See what you need to look out for including the traps when selecting an accountant. Need a top accountant? Find one here.

  5. ADVICE – No matter how clever a business owner may be it is a wise entrepreneur that works alongside specialist advisers. Today’s business world is complex so talk to a specialist when you need that extra expertise. Find an adviser here.

  6. DIRECTORY – Every business needs to promote its name, products and services. This section links you to SRG’s specialist directory and promotion site. Tell your customers about what you have to offer.

  7. EDUCATION – Knowledge is power. The power to make correct decisions and plans to achieve your goals. This section allows you to do an online business course or download a sales manual. Educate yourself and keep ahead of your competitors.

  8. FORUM – (going live soon) This is the section where you can have your say as well as read what others have to advise or suggest. Post your query or ask for comment on any business or financial issue or subject.