6 Factors you need for a successful PR campaign

9 Basic Suggestions for Developing Media Relations
Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Get some training or information on public relations and media.
  • Write letters to the editors of your local newspapers.
  • Write a column for your local newspaper or local business journal and see if you can get published.
  • Get a publicity photo with someone important and enclose with your press releases.
  • If you get an article published, circle the reprints accordingly.
  • Keep sending timely press releases that are newsworthy as often as you can.
  • Try and appear on a local radio or TV talk show.
  • Take one of the editors to lunch.
  • Create a press kit and keep its contents current.

These 6 Factors are Required for Putting in a Successful PR Campaign
A successful PR campaign for your business should include some of the following:

  • A clear, articulate media release or story pitch detailing the benefits of your business or products and what they can do for the users.
  • A newsworthy product.
  • A solid media contact that will get your product directly into the hands of the appropriate reporter or producer who will be able to respond to you pitch.
  • A supply of good products or photos that are part of your supportive kit.
  • Continuous contact with media relations until your media requests have been fulfilled. You will find that media interest will continue to increase as you reintroduce your pitch, so keep rattling the media cage over the course of the next weeks or months until you are satisfied.
  • A system whereby you can track the media and their reaction, to use in your marketing.

Project your Best Image with the Right PR
Most companies retain a PR firm because they want to create a positive image for themselves, or their products or services, so engaging the right PR people will pay off in time and business performance. PR firms come in many sizes, from the small reasonable firm to the large international ones. Finding PR companies is not hard, but choosing the right one can be difficult.

You need to find a firm that will be able to share the same vision that your small business has. It may also be advantageous to seek a company that has the same drive and style as your own. A recommendation from an associate company or your financial advisers may be a good way of finding the right PR firm.

Connect with your Local Papers if Necessary
Don’t hesitate to call business reporters in your local newspapers to find out which PR agencies provide the most helpful and accurate information to them about local organisations. You may find a good firm from that type of recommendation.

Once you have set out a list of potential contenders, arrange face-to-face meetings so you can take things further. The ideal meetings will consist of informal discussions that demonstrate the thinking of the PR firm and their plans or strategies. You should also be talking at these meetings with the key player or person who will actually handle your account if you decide to choose that particular firm.

Talk to the key person because you want to discuss how they will handle your work. You can set up a meeting and presentations at your place of business or at the PR agency. After you have made your final selection then a contract can be arranged and the work defined.

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