Advertising for your Business

The Basics of Advertising
Advertising is the means of getting information about your products or services to your potential customers. This means you will have to do some preliminary research and surveys in the area to determine the type of advertising to use to reach those customers.

Ask questions such as:

  • What radio stations to they listen to?
  • What newspapers do they read?
  • Do they use coupons?
  • Do they respond to direct mail?
  • Do they use the Internet?

Once you have the information, set about to tailor the advertising to reach that market. The whole basis of advertising is concerned with your business trying to get across to your customers that the product or service you have will benefit them.

What Advertising Can Do for your Business

  • Remind customers and prospective customers about the benefits of your products or services.
  • Enhances your company’s reputation and standing.
  • Establishes and maintains your specific identity or brand.
  • Encourages your current customers to buy more of what you are selling
  • Increases sales to boost your profitability
  • Brings in new customers to replace any lost ones.

What Advertising Cannot Do for your Business

  • It cannot create an instant customer base.
  • It cannot sell products or services that are old or of poor quality
  • It cannot solve any cash flow or profit problems
  • It will not substitute for poor or indifferent customer service.
  • It cannot produce an increase in sales without effort.

4 Reasons Why Advertising is Used
Advertising is basically used for 4 main reasons:

  1. To create a niche in the market for your business.
  2. To help stimulate and increase more sales in the business
  3. To identify and brand your business to the public.
  4. To bring about awareness of your business to potential customers and the public.

Why Advertise at all?
Today’s business world is a very competitive one so for any business to get ahead, it must constantly be looking for ways to get that extra jump on competitors. The question therefore is not so much whether the business can afford to advertise, but whether it can afford not to. Unless your business puts the quality of its products or services as priority one even before winning potential customers it will have no growth. The worst scenario will be business failure.

Must Increase Sales
Advertising will only be profitable if it results in increased sales and revenue to offset the cost of that advertising.

Some of the things a good advertising promotion or campaign can do include the following:

  • Customers find out what your products can do and where to get them
  • The image of your business is built up
  • There is an increased demand for your products and services.
  • Potential customers know you are in existence
  • New products or services are able to be launched.
  • Your products are continually displayed before potential customers, resulting in increased sales.
  • Creates new awareness and a new audience for your target market.
  • Adds to the frequency by which your customers will purchase more products
  • Provides information on your products and services so customers can perceive the benefit they receive.