How Do you - Check for Dangerous Burnout

Any overload of stress will take you towards the dangerous stage of burnout. Many women suffer from stress because they have to put up with endless pressures of bullying bosses or boring tasks, as well as having to look after the needs of the family.

The effects of this stress are very real and can take a long time before coming to the surface. Sometimes the stress is a vicious circle where it becomes so overwhelming that most women find it impossible to conquer.

What happens then is that a stressful situation will occur when hormones that activate the adrenal glands are released and the output of adrenaline into the blood stream is increased. The end result is that the person gets worked up and there is no outlet to release the stress. This type of burnout will eventually result in the person becoming depressed, unable to sleep and irritable.

Some key causes of early burnout are:

  • Rushing.
  • Frustration at work.
  • Difficulty with relationships at work.
  • Loss of employment.
  • Poor work environment.
  • Low self esteem.
  • Harassment at work.
  • Being unappreciated by bosses.
  • Being passed over for promotions.

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