Suppliers of Services and the Act

3. Finishing the Job in a Reasonable Time
This guarantee only applies if there is no agreement between you and the customer about when the job will be finished. If you have discussed when the work will be done or written it into the quote or contract then that is your agreement.

If there is no specific agreement with the customer about when the job will be completed the Act says that the work will be completed within a reasonable time. A reasonable time will be judged on the average time that would be taken by other competent people doing the same job.

eg, Elena contracts a painter to paint her house. They agree that he will start work in January. The painter does the preparation work in January. In February he only does two days work on the house. Elena can ask the painter to get on with the job as he is clearly not trying to finish the work in a reasonable time.

4. Charging a Reasonable Price
This guarantee only applies if no agreement has been made about the price. If you have given a quote or estimate, agreed an hourly rate or agreed how the price will be worked out then that is your agreement on the price.

If there is no agreement made about the price the Act says that the price you charge must be a reasonable price. A reasonable price is a price within the range of prices most other competent people would charge for the same work. If you had no agreement with the customer about the price the customer can refuse to pay more than a reasonable price.

eg ,Gary takes his washing machine to be repaired. The cost of the job is not discussed. The repairer fits a new drum and charges $150 labour costs. Gary thinks this is expensive and rings three other repairers They all say they would charge between $70 and $90. Gary tells the repairer he is only going to pay $80 for the fitting of the drum.