Final Checking off 'to Do' List

Before Moving in
Before you move into your premises to start, you should have carried out most of the following tasks.

  • Chosen your business name and formed your business structure
  • Fully researched your business goals and concepts and are happy with your business potential
  • You are happy about your reasons and motivations for going into business.
  • You are happy that you possess the necessary skills and experience the business requires.
  • You have obtained all necessary licences
  • You have developed a sound business plan in conjunction with your advisers.
  • Your business plan also contain subsidiary plans such as marketing plans, staff plans, financial plans, production plans etc.
  • You have applied for protection for the intellectual property your business has. This refers to trademarks and patents you may need.
  • You have received all the financing you require and have finalised your calculations of capital required.
  • You have completed final discussions with your accountant, lawyer and other professional advisers.
  • You have organised your marketing and public relations requirements.
  • Your staff have been trained and are ready to commence work.
  • You have already sent out notices to those you believe need to know that your business is opening up.
  • You have forwarded advice to your local newspapers and community organisations telling them of your business commencement.
  • Your premises and offices are finalised and all equipment and plant ready 
  • You have your telephones and power in place and you are connected for the internet and email.

After you have moved in
Now that you have moved in, the following will require further attention.

  • Make sure that your telephone lines are working and the power is on with power points in the places required.
  • All your computers and machinery should have been installed and tested.
  • All the necessary business and accounting software should have been purchased and installed.
  • All your staff should have been fully trained now and ready to open the doors.
  • You have finalised all insurance.
  • Your accounting and office systems are ready to be used.
  • You are happy that you have complied with all the requirements as to environment and health and work safety.
  • You have opened accounts up with your suppliers and have details of their price list and catalogues etc.
  • Your bank account is operational and you have your business cheque books and credit cards ready to use.
  • You have in place all the finance required including the facility to secure more funding if necessary.

These are some of the things that you need to attend to before you move in and after you move in.

Now that everything is in place you are basically ready to move to the next stage - ready to start.

Ready to Start
Once you have reached this stage, there is little left to do except open the doors and commence operations.

You have successfully completed all that is required:

  • You have thought everything through. 
  • You have carried out the necessary research to determine whether to go into business or not.
  • You have made the decision of whether to start up from scratch or buy a business or franchise.
  • You have finalised all your plans including funding so that there is sufficient capital to start up and run for a period.
  • You have completed a full and comprehensive business plan which will be your guide along the way.
  • You have finalised all the financial aspects of the business including secured financing plus organised the ability to draw more finance in the future if necessary.
  • You have now set up the business and have gone through the set up checklist to make sure that nothing has been missed.
  • Final Check. You are now at the final check and are ready to start your operations.