Myths of Selling

8 Myths about Salespeople
Try not to have a negative view about selling so some myths about selling should be addressed.

Here are a few for your attention:

  1. Successful salespeople have an aggressive attitude”
    - As a salesperson, you should be self-motivated and enthusiastic, but not aggressive.

  2. “Salespeople use gimmicks and tricks”
    - Gimmicks and tricks should not be part of your style. Buyers today are very sophisticated and will not accept these tactics. Professional salespeople today do not use these techniques.

  3. “A salesperson is born, not made”
    - The truth is, salespeople are not born – they are trained. If you have the desire to learn your trade well you will need to practise to reach a successful level of professionalism and performance.

  4. “The public do not trust salespeople”
    -The public do not like unethical or pushy salespeople, but if you build their trust they will be loyal to you and they will be confident in your ability to provide good service.

  5. “Marketing is not selling”
    - Sales is part of a marketing process, but many professionals use the term “marketing” instead of sales, believing it is more upmarket and acceptable. Make sure you understand that selling is a necessary and valuable part of your marketing strategy.

  6. “Successful salespeople can close”
    - A successful salesperson will learn to close, but they do not put this as the sole focus of their strategy. They do focus on satisfying their customer’s needs and ensure that their client has all the information necessary to make a decision.

  7. “Selling is something you do”
    - Make sure you learn that sales is something you do with people and not something you do to them. Your approach should be comfortable and not confrontational. You should be helpful and supportive because you need to consider your presentation before making a decision to sell or not.

  8. “A good salesperson will sell something customers do not want”
    - A good salesperson will realise that customers buy things to satisfy their needs, rather than their wants. They should help customers identify their needs and wants and then help them buy what will satisfy them. Ideal selling is not about pushing the client to buy something they don’t need.