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About Us

StartRunGrow is operated by the StartRunGrow Group under license to SRG International Trust (UK), licence holder for StartRunGrow.com and all associated web sites. StartRunGrow was developed by accounting, business and I.T specialists in collaboration with experienced global partners.

The SRG Vision

The StartRunGrow vision involves developing a worldwide “small business internet” to provide accurate, current, plain language business and financial information for SME’s (small and medium enterprises) so they could succeed in their businesses.

Each country's site consists of extensive content customised to comply with the country's business methods, laws and regulations. With 11 major English speaking countries' web sites in the group, the SRG network has become one of the largest small business information sites for SMEs worldwide.

Why develop StartRunGrow online

SRG information was created to help stop small business failure. At the present time the internet is recognised as the ideal medium for distribution of the required help.

Business users from around the world currently try and run their businesses with information that is often difficult to find quickly within the standard internet. Much of this available information (mainly U.S) is generally too brief, inaccurate, out of date or not applicable to the users own country and business situation.

Using out of date or non country specific information in your business is “like using last weeks share prices to buy into the market today” - frustrating, foolhardy and dangerous.

Statistics over the last 50 years suggest that 70-80% of new businesses close up within their first 5 years. This translates to an estimated 10 million small businesses closing worldwide each year - year after year after year. Many, but not all of the 70-80% are business failures.

These figures have remained unchanged for decades despite unparalleled advancement in technology (computers, fax, email, cellular phones, satellites, internet) and improved business practices.

Experts agree that poor management due to lack of business knowledge is the main reason for most business failures. There is a very real need to get "plain language" business information to the people so they can equip themselves better to manage and succeed in their business ventures.

StartRunGrow. com has one goal - "to make available to any small business owner, easy to understand, country- relevant business information 24 hrs a day 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.”

Making this information available may hopefully reduce business failure and disasters that too often result in depleted fortunes, lost homes, smashed families, broken dreams and no hope.

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