Privacy Rights

Privacy Act 1993
The Privacy Act applies to every person or organisation in New Zealand in respect of personal information held in any capacity other than for the purposes of their personal, family, or household affairs.

The Act controls how agencies collect, use, disclose, store, and give access to personal information.
The Act uses the term "agency" to describe individuals and organisations covered by the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs).

Complying With the Privacy Act
The Privacy Act 1993 contains information that sets out rules governing anyone's ability to collect, store and use or disclose any personal information about anyone. It also grants the right for any individual to access and correct any information that is not correct that is held.

When employers are conducting a job interview or reviewing a job application they have to comply with the Privacy Act so they cannot ask certain types of questions. The person being interviewed only has to provide only such information as is necessary for any lawful...

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