Inspect & Choose the Home

Checklist for Home Value Investment

Your purchase must pass the 2 fundamental tests:

  1. It must be suitable for you and your family's needs

  2. It must be able to increase in value: Increase in value means a growth rate above the inflation rate. Ideally it should double in price within a 10-year period. In Australia, for example, residential property has consistently doubled in value every 7 years.

Things to look at:

  • Location is important, as we all know. However, don't forget the other important factor, which is timing. Yet again there is one even more important factor, and that is price. Ideally you need to look for a property you can get in the right location, for a very good price, and purchase at the right time. This will give you the maximum advantage of being in property.

  • If looking for property you can subdivide and sell, then find a property on a good size block, because it will give you the best options.

  • Look at properties that are architecturally sound, that require low maintenance. They must have e...

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