Residential Property Invest.

Why Invest in Residential Rental Property?
It's easy to dismiss residential property as an investment for a number of reasons. These could be: the question of capital growth, security of tenancy, management of the investment and comparable alternatives on offer.

There is, however, an opportunity to invest in residential property because it can give you:

  • The ability to repay your property mortgage significantly earlier than you thought possible, without any additional cash outlay.
  • It can give you a more stable and higher quality tenant (at times).
  • It can give you a potential for capital growth.
  • It can give you possible significant advantages in taxation.

What is Residential Property?
Residential property is basic property investment without any glamour attached. Most of the larger investors ignore residential property investment simply because it is not glamorous and it is thought that the returns are not as good as other options.

The fact is, m...

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