Share Investments

What is a Share?
A share is a basic unit of ownership in a company. When you buy a share you become a part owner of a company. The ownership of the company may be divided into millions of parts, and each part is called a share. People will buy a number of shares as ownership, which gives them part ownership as a shareholder.

All shareholders wholly own the company, but the directors of the company run it on behalf of the shareholders. When you buy shares in a company you are actually buying part ownership and the unit (called shares) represents this part ownership.

For example, if a new company opened and it was going to sell 1000 shares and you bought 500 shares, you would be 50% owner of that company.

Shares are a 'Paper Investment'
Shares are regarded as a paper investment. When you invest in shares through the stock market, you get a piece of paper in return for your money. The piece of papers says you own or have an interest in part of that company. This means that your investment is only as good as that company.

The price of ...

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