Online Investing

Online Trading 
Make sure you ask yourself whether online trading is right for you. It’s a good idea to have access 24 hours a day through the Internet to place trades, but you still need to be comfortable with this type of format before getting into it full time. You have to see whether you are happier to deal with a real person when you place orders.

Make sure you shop around for an online broker and ask the necessary questions about their customer service department.

You will need to know how to access your account information if you cannot get online for some reason and you need to make a transaction. If you are comfortable with your computer and you don’t need to hear the other voice on the end of the phone, then it is recommended that you go with a discount broker and trade online.

If you need to hear a voice, the solution is simple – choose a broker that trades often over the telephone.

Trading with your PC
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