Basics of Investing

Goals of Successful Investing
Successful investing can only come about with the combined use of 3 main ingredients:
  1. Financial education.
  2. Financial experience.
  3. Surplus cash.

At the end of the day, investing is based on common sense and not necessarily on a greater amount of knowledge or a high level of education.

But you need a basic knowledge of how to be successful in investing and this can come about by attending seminars or taking a course, or reading investment and financial publications.

  • Financial education.
    Financial education will come about by researching the field of investments including studying financial commentaries and journals and reading books on investments. If necessary, meet with a financial advisor and pay for education on some of the basics of investment, including the risks involved and which products are superior.

    Learn what fixed interest means. Learn what shares are all about and learn why managed funds are popular. You basically need to educate yourself in this area if you are to achieve success.

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