My Costs and Claims

What Share of Costs will I have to Pay?
You may have to pay part of the fee for common types of treatment. You don't have to pay for acute public hospital admissions and some related services, or for elective surgery if you have prior approval from the ACC. If you choose a private provider who does not have a contract with the ACC, the ACC may pay only part of the cost of the surgery. The fees can vary, so check first how much you may have to pay. If you pay the full fee, keep your receipt and claim back part of that cost from ACC.

How are my Claims Treated?
When an employee suffers a work related injury they must advise you (the employer) and the ACC. As an employer, you have the right to ask the ACC to review whether a particular claim is work related or not. Injured employees receive treatment and services described above and they are also entitled to assistance with costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation, plus compensation for lost earnings if they require time o...

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