Employment Relationship Problems

What is an Employment Relationship Problem?
It can be anything that harms or may harm the employment relationship, other than problems relating to setting the terms and conditions of employment. If either the Employer or Employee feels that there may be a problem in the employment relationship, the first step is to check the facts and make sure there really is a problem, and not simply a misunderstanding.

Either party might want to discuss a situation with someone else to clarify whether a problem exists, but in doing so they should take care to respect the privacy of other employees and managers, and to protect confidential information belonging to the Employer.

For example, the Employee could seek information from:

  • Friends and family.
  • The Employment Relations Info-line on 0800 800 863 or on its website at www.ers.dol.govt.nz.
  • Pamphlets/fact sheets from the Employment Relations Service.
  • Their union (if they are a union member), a lawyer, a community law centre or an employment relations consultant...

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