Safety Obligations of Employers

What Duties and Obligations does the Employer Have?
Under the Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992 an employer is required to:

  • Provide all staff with a safe workplace.
  • Identify and control all hazards in the workplace.
  • Properly train and supervise all staff as required.
  • Keep all staff informed and bring them into the health and safety process discussions, etc.
  • Record all accidents and report any injuries to the Occupational Safety and Health Service (OSH).

The Act basically states that it is the employer’s responsibility to protect the employees and this will affect people such as employees, contractors, mobile workers, volunteers, students, and persons on or around the vicinity of the place of work.

Assess and Control Risk
Risk assessment is a careful analysis of those things that can bring harm to people in the workplace. This includes assessing any hazards that can come through any work carried out. Once an employer is able to complete an assessment, he/s...

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